What is Occupational Health Screening?

Some jobs have certain health requirements. By pre-screening all employees, you can ensure that every employee is capable of the jobs they are assigned.

Not only can an occupational health screening get a comprehensive report of the employee’s health, but it also includes a drug test.

What is an Occupational Health Screening?

A screening is more than just a simple blood or urine sample. A typical pre-employment screening consists of:

  • Physical examination

    • Chest x-rays

    • DOT Exams

    • EKGs

    • Lift tests

    • OSHA

    • Respirator Fit Test

    • Vision Screening

  • Drug screening

  • Vaccinations

  • Biometric testing

When is it Administered?

An occupational health screening is typically administered before the employee starts working. The only cases in which they would be administered after employment are if the employee is exposed to an illness while at work - this screening can monitor the employee to ensure they don’t get sicker.

There are a few different kinds of health screenings:

  • Pre-employment health checks - for new employees to catch any health concerns for which the employer will need to cover

  • Health surveillance - regular check-ups for employees who have been exposed to any hazardous substances while at work

  • Lifestyle assessment - similar to a pre-employment check but throughout employment to catch any health concerns before they get too serious

Why Is Occupational Health Screening Important?

If an employee got hurt on the job because of a pre-existing condition that could have been caught earlier, the employer would be at fault. By screening employees before they start work, you avoid this risk.

Many industries require certain health standards be met by all employees. By using our occupational health screening program, you are sure to meet all industry requirements before each employee starts working.

Why Choose OSSI?

Our process consists of five easy steps. All we need from you is some information on the new employee and we do the rest with your preferred doctors. With our secure website, you can log in and request screenings 24 hours a day for timely completion.

Over the years, the rate of workplace injuries has steadily declined. OSSI is dedicated to a continued decline.


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