What Does a Health Screening Report Include?

Health screening reports benefit the employee and the employer. For the employee, having this open communication with their employer can encourage a healthy workplace relationship. For the employer, it is helpful to know each employee’s past, especially if there is information that could be harmful to other employees.  

Employee benefits

  • Accident prevention: ability to catch health problems the employee wasn’t aware of

  • Healthier lifestyle: dietary suggestions and general lifestyle advice to prevent health issues

Employer benefits

  • Productive workforce: healthier employees means fewer absences and more productivity

  • A safer workplace: drug testing, sex offender searches, and background checks keep all current employees safe by eliminating any hazardous employees

  • Lower employee turnover: spending more time on the hiring process means less time spent hiring new employees in the long run

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Pre-Employment Screenings

  • Employment and education verification: In most environments, education is a key to on-the-job success.  

  • Social security verification: more accurate wage reports and proper credit to employees’ earnings

  • Reference and credit checks: informs employer about any debt, address changes, SSN and loan payments

  • Physical abilities screening: reduce employee injury and saves employers money

  • Sex offender registry screening: decreased risk of sexual misconduct between employees

  • Motor vehicle records screening: informs employer of any driving restrictions, violations or suspensions

  • Skills or personality assessments: to help categorize employees and inform employer which department they would be best in

  • Criminal history screening: typically done for candidates who will serve in a position that requires trust or high security

All of this information can help you be an informed employer and maintain a safe workplace. To see how health screening reports will help your company, try our free 30-day trial.