Why is Employee Health Important?

Employee wellness programs are growing in popularity every day.

A 1% reduction in excess weight and high blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels has been shown to save $83 to $103 annually in medical costs per person.

Make Your Program Inclusive

Don’t just reward those who are already healthy. Reward progress of all kinds, such as who can have the most active minutes per week.  

Incorporate Tech Trends

Employees' Fitbit, Apple Watch, and even their iPhones can track your fitness data. There are many apps for the iPhone that track fitness data and allow you to share your progress with a group, i.e. your coworkers.

In 2015, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that 80% of employers encouraged preventative wellness services and information. Wellness programs are most popular in companies with 200+ employees. 92% of companies this size implement a wellness program.

The Benefits

Not only are the financial benefits of a wellness program enormous, so are the moral benefits. Employee health can refer to money or actual physical health. Wellness programs have been known to benefit both aspects. The more physically fit your employees are, you will notice a decrease in absenteeism, staff turnover, and employee stress.

Why is Employee Health Important?

Employee health and a wellness program are for the benefit of your employees first and foremost, and then the company as a whole. There is no one universal wellness program that will work for every company. Ideally, the program will integrate your company’s values and mission into a unique program just for your employees.

Here at OSSI, we can help you treat your employees the way you want to be treated. 

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