Six Types of Professional Drug Screening

There are a variety of drug tests. It's important to find the one that works best with your company's needs. Below, we outline all of your options.

1. Urine Testing

This is the most common form of drug testing. It is the only form of professional drug screening that is accepted for government mandated screenings because of the length at which it can detect a trace of substances. A urine test can pick up a trace from up to 72 hours prior.

The employer can customize the amount and type of drugs they will allow in the employee’s system at the time of testing.

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2. Oral Fluid Testing

Although urine tests are most commonly used, the oral fluid test is known for detecting drugs immediately after use. This is a popular type of drug test as it is almost impossible to tamper with. The oral fluid test is typically administered at the employer’s office.

3. Hair Testing

Hair testing boasts the longest detection window at up to 90 days. This is not a convenient method for some, as many people do not have enough hair to provide a decent sample. If a sample is able to be collected, though, this is the ideal option. It is known to reveal twice as many positives as urine samples because of its 90-day detection period.   

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4. Instant Drug Testing

This type of test is not legal in every state. Depending on your location, it’s important to check the laws before administering this method. This test is typically requested when the employer has reasonable suspicion that the employee is under the influence.

5. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are one of the most important clients of professional drug screening. As they have almost instant access to any drug they can prescribe, it is easy for them to abuse certain substances. Most medical institutions regularly screen their employees. With access to prescription drugs, these tests must look for traces of both legal and illegal drugs.

6. Specimen Validity

All drug testing facilities have the ability to test the validity of every sample. These tests look for abnormally high or low levels of typical elements. It will also detect any possible evidence that the sample has been tampered with to induce false negatives.

We believe that drug screening is an essential part of a healthy workplace. By screening every potential employee, you will get a better look at how they will work within your company.

If you’re interested in implementing drug screenings into your hiring process, contact us.


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