Don’t Let a Bad Hire Cost You Thousands!

What are Pre-Employment Health Screenings?

A pre-employment health screening is an exam that determines whether an employee is medically fit for the job and duties that come along with it. They are typically carried out by a healthcare professional and can include as much as complete lab work or as little as a drug screening. Most physically demanding jobs will require a routine history and physical ability test.

The primary purpose of a health check is to minimize the possibility of work-related injuries or disease. If an employee doesn’t pass their screening, they may not be physically suited for a particular job. By identifying these issues prior to hiring, these checks save employers thousands in potential lawsuits and turnover.

For jobs that require physical abilities—like lifting heavy objects—a pre-employment health screening validate that employees can carry out the required tasks. In addition to physical tests, these checks expose any pre-existing conditions which might make an employee more vulnerable to the effects of hazardous substances or other risks on the job.

An occupational health screening pinpoints areas of weakness and compares with job requirements, ensuring you hire employees that are best suited for the job.

Why Require Occupational Health Checks?

An occupational health check benefits not only the employer but also the employee. Screenings ensure new hires are physically able to perform their assigned duties and decrease the potential for accidents on the job. If an employee is returning to work after a health-related absence, you can conduct a screening to ensure they’ve fully recovered.

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