The Challenge: Manage the Injury Costs of a Growing Workforce

As one of the largest, private not-for-profit organizations in the country dedicated to serving the needs of people with intellectual and physical challenges, Sunrise Community is a leader in delivering special needs services. Their success has led to extraordinary growth. Operating 60 facilities in seven states, Sunrise is faced with the challenge of efficiently managing thousands of employees while keeping workplace injuries – and the costs associated with those injuries – in check.

New Sunrise employees that receive post-offer employment testing are 98% less likely to report an injury.

Reducing the Cost of Workplace Injuries

In 2015, Sunrise Community asked OSSI Online to address the increasing cost in workers’ compensation costs stemming from employee injuries while performing physically demanding jobs.

Our occupational experts quickly identified post-offer employment testing as a strategy that has significantly reduced costs for other clients by reducing the frequency and severity of employee injuries.

All new hires are administered a post-offer employment test before their first day. OSSI Online makes scheduling and set up simple for Sunrise and works with each prospective employee to find a convenient time and location to administer the test. Each employee spends approximately 45 minutes performing various manual tasks such as lifting simulated loads, all while being observed by occupational professionals. At the end of the test, an employee may be cleared to begin work with greater confidence they will not injure themselves on the job

Measuring the Results

New Sunrise employees that receive post-offer employment testing are 98% less likely to report an injury resulting in a lost time claim during the first year of employment. Thanks to these staggering business results (and the ROI attached to a dramatically reduced cost per claim) OSSI Online was rolled out to the entire organization after a 60-day pilot. Today, OSSI Online processes over 1,000 annual post-offer employment tests nationwide for Sunrise Community.

OSSI Online Results Summary

  • Reduced injury rate resulting in lost time claims by 98% for employees who underwent post-offer employment testing
  • Reduced severity per employee injury by 28% over the entire workforce in year one
  • Reduced turnover of employees hired utilizing post offer employment testing through OSSI Online

Discover how OSSI Online can save your growing organization time and money by reducing the frequency and severity of employee injuries.

* The free 30-day trial of OSSI Online includes employer fees associated with utilizing our innovative software platform. Employers are responsible for paying all facility fees during the free trial period.