Modern technology to easily administer nationwide post-offer physical and drug


Employers save an average of 7 hours per service when using our turnkey software solution, allowing you and your team to focus on what matters most.


Experience one platform for consolidated scheduling, monitoring, results, and billing. Easily view a service delivery from start to finish in one view.


Peace of mind knowing 95% of employees are contacted within one hour of your service request and guaranteed on time results delivery.

If you’re an HR manager or risk management professional, you know how important it is that your place of business has an efficient pre-employment screening process in place. Our system adapts and facilitates to your pre- and post- employment hiring protocol, encompassing everything from drug and alcohol testing to physical exams (whether they be regulated or non-regulated).

Our services include:

•       Pre-employment and surveillance screening

•       Fast-turnaround laboratory drug screens, including hair follicle, DOT, 5, 7, 9 and 10-panel, and expanded opiate options.

•       Post-offer employment testing

•       Post-accident and for-cause drug and alcohol testing on and off-site

•       Design and manage routine, regulated and complex random drug and alcohol screening programs

•       Custom programs designed to fit specific employer needs

OSSI Online is the ideal tool for national companies that want to maintain consistency in their country-wide testing and companies that want to streamline the testing process with one invoice across all U.S. locations. You save time and resources.

How we do occupational screening

Once you’ve requested a service through our secure website, your required service is routed to the best clinics to fulfill your need.  Whether it’s nationwide pre-employment physicals or drug screenings, our easy-to-use software can handle it all.

After you log in to our secure site to request a new service for a pre-approved provider protocol, a certified coordinator completes these steps:

1.     Contacts clinic/provider to set appointment and forward authorization and forms for visit

2.     Contacts applicant with appointment time and directions to facility (Candidate/employee health history may be forwarded to applicant)

3.     Verifies applicant arrived for appointment and retrieves completed forms

4.     Performs audit to verify forms are complete and reports a “Pass” or “Fail”

5.     Sends result notification email to authorized contact(s)


On top of building protocols for screening, testing, and workplace injuries, OSSI Online also implements protocols via the 3,000 clinical facilities in our nationwide network. These facilities specialize in pre-employment and drug screening services, so you can be sure that protocols will be carried out quickly and efficiently.


One of the key perks of our software is that you can request a project and receive email notifications every time a milestone is achieved or results are posted online. You’ll be able to log in to access PDF scans of original documents, minimizing errors and keeping everyone on the same page.


Billing is hassle-free; Our monthly billing statements encompass hundreds of vendors in a single itemized document. Need help understanding your statement? You can call one of our coordinators for assistance anytime.


Pre-Employment Screening

Learn more about the benefits of pre-employment screening before inviting someone to join your team.


Post-Offer Employment Testing

Learn more about the importance of health surveillance throughout the hiring process.


Occupational Drug Testing

Learn more about why health surveillance can save your company.

Why OSSI Online for your occupational screening?

Save an average of 7 hours per screening when you outsource these tasks to us instead of managing internally.

Our turnkey software solution ensures 95% of employees are contacted within one hour of your service request, AND 95% of results are delivered on time. Our consolidated scheduling, monitoring, results and billing system is why clients continue with our system for an average of over 4 years (well above industry norms).

We’re so confident in our product that we offer a free 30day trial with zero administration fees. All you cover is the medical portion.

Expansive Reach. Personalized Touch.

OSSI Online was formed in 2004 to help extend coverage for clinic-based occupational clients. In 2006, our unique technology platform was developed and launched to help employers quickly request services and view results. Today, OSSI Online delivers 30,000 screens, tests, and workplace injury services in over 3,000 nationwide occupational facilities each year.

* The free 30-day trial of OSSI Online includes employer fees associated with utilizing our innovative software platform. Employers are responsible for paying all facility fees during the free trial period.